New Year Blogging

So, the new year is hear, and it is generally a time when people make, and then fail to live up to New Year Resolutions. Now, I don't as a rule make them, since I know I am not likely to live up to them, however, this year is going to be different.

Since I put up this site 4 months ago, I haven't really done much with it, but I have on numerous occasions thought about writing something down, and then posting it since I thought it was generally useful, but, as anyone can see, I have not been doing this. Procrastination and "not having worked everything out yet" being the two key reasons why.

So, this year I am resolving to make a post every week. However, I had similar sentiments when I created this site, so why is time going to be any different?

Well, as BJ Fogg points out, one of the key reasons many New Year's Resolutions go down the pan is their abstract nature: lose weight, blog more, travel more. All worthy goals, I'm sure, but their loose specification makes it hard to know if you have accomplished it; they give nothing concrete to aim at.

So, I've nailed that one down. One post, every week, must contain no less than one paragraph.

Another issue is that this is an explicit attempt to build a habit, so it doesn't do well to leave it even that abstract. And of course, when building a habit, it's easiest if you piggy back it onto one you already have. So, to nail my resolution further: I'm going to write one paragraph, every Sunday, after dinner, and then post it online.

So, with a clear, precise habit to build, all that's left to say is: See you tomorrow.